Teaching is a profession full of passion, dedication and drive. It asks for only the best from the best. But the best

Many professions offer an induction period to allow a smooth transition from newbie to fully qualified professional. In education the transitional phase

School leaders are understandably keen to recognise the sterling work of their teachers and support staff. This is not completely altruistic however.

top tips for trainee teachers. Female teacher sits at desk thinking with cup in hand

Trainee teachers, welcome to the wonderful world of education. Ahead lie happy times and incredible adventures. Inevitably, there will also be trials

Natasha nqt diary quote - my teachers inspire me

What type of school do you work in? Secondary School What’s your favourite part of teaching so far? Practicals in science and

Thai landscape scene

In the first of our new Teaching Notes from Abroad series, UK and International Head Teacher Peter Hogan shares his experience of

Miss Rowling shares her top trainee teacher tip in this quote graphic - always prep resources the day before a lesson

What type of school do you work in? Primary What’s your favourite part of teaching so far? Seeing the children grow throughout

A woman with over ear headphones looks to the right, representing a teacher listening to an NQT podcast

Podcasts can be informative, funny and inspirational. If you’re a newly qualified teacher (NQT) this is very good news. While there’s no

A teacher looks at her tablet in a busy school corridor

The first year in teaching can be many things. Exciting. Challenging. Surprising. Satisfying. Above all, it’s always engaging. In few other jobs


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