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Podcasts can be informative, funny and inspirational. If you’re a newly qualified teacher (NQT) this is very good news. While there’s no substitute for gaining personal experience in the classroom, as online mentors, podcasts are an invaluable tool.

So we’ve chosen a selection of the very best.

School Me

School Me has some excellent advice for anyone starting out in education.

It’s billed as the podcast to provide top tips from educators who “have been there, done that”.

There’s certainly a lot of information available, from long-term lesson planning to quick-fix programmes.

Being global in nature, many of these teaching hacks should easily transfer into your own classroom. We recommend Classroom Management Tips For Early Career Educators.


The SENDcast was recently shortlisted by Learning Ladders in its Best Educational Podcast 2021 awards. The accolade was chosen by a panel of teachers, school leaders and edtech entrepreneurs.

Having only just celebrated its first birthday, it’s already gathered 30,000 listens.

The weekly podcast is dedicated to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and has a range of different topics.

One of our favourite episodes is when presenter Dale chats with Natalie Packer about how to support NQTs to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.

The Educational Duct Tape

Often the best teacher is humour, which is probably why this lighthearted podcast is so popular with NQTs.

Hosted by Jake Miller and featuring guest speakers, it looks at classroom conundrums and pedagogical problems. It also offers advice to those starting out in education on how to create new career goals.

Listen out for the “Soapbox Moment” where Jake helps listeners develop a ‘successful technology integration mindset’. In other words, it will help you get to grips with new tech.

Services For Education

This popular resource provides free podcasts that cover a range of subjects. These include supporting and safeguarding NQTs. There’s also sound relationship advice and health education.

Its bespoke NQT podcasts are aimed at those primarily in their first and second years of teaching. There’s a wide range of advice on conduct and good practice. The series kicks off with 10 top tips for NQTs starting their teaching career.

Pivotal Podcast

This is billed joyously as ‘free CPD in your ears’. It features practical advice on managing behaviour in classrooms, safeguarding, teaching and learning. All of these, of course, are vital for NQTs to succeed in their new environment.

One of our favourite episodes features educator Jon Tait outlining why it’s important for teachers to to create a toolbox of strategies and skills.

There are also pointers on the best ways to organise CPD to meet personal learning objectives.

Teaching Tips Lessons from the Classroom

If you love your podcasts short and sweet,  these five-minute segments could be for you. They kick off with ‘Ways Into Teaching’, designed for anyone feeling inspired to get into teaching. Episode five focuses on applying for secondary teaching jobs.

These are little nuggets of basic yet helpful information: enough to kickstart a deeper and more detailed engagement with the NQT journey.

Teachers of Tomorrow

We love the title of this education podcast, which is narrated from the perspective of student teachers Matt and Sam. They share their personal experiences and views on everything from teacher training to pedagogy.

In a recent instalment they recall their first placement experience as PGCE students. There’s also a focus on relationships with mentors and areas where they need to improve going into phase two of their career journey. It’s both entertaining and informative.

Do you have any NQT podcast recommendations to add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know.

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