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Trainee teachers, welcome to the wonderful world of education. Ahead lie happy times and incredible adventures. Inevitably, there will also be trials and tribulations. After all, no one ever makes it through training without the odd misstep or mishap.

Thankfully, a strong sense of humour and teacher wellbeing advice can help you cope with these situations.

Read on for our top tips for trainee teachers.

1.Appreciate everyone is different

Every student has a unique personality. This means adapting your lessons and approach to suit different ages, aspirations and abilities.

In every classroom there is a special mix of unique talents to be nurtured. Flexibility in your lesson plans and delivery is key.

2.Be proactive about behaviour

No one wants to come across as too strict or demanding, especially on their first day. However by immediately setting out what behaviour is expected of your class lays strong and defined ground rules. Ultimately these bring harmony, creating an atmosphere that will help them succeed.

Remember some pupils may struggle to understand your expectations. Be kind and be caring but also be clear and frank about rights and wrongs. Now you can look forward to working together without any unknown boundaries.

3.Stop, listen and learn

You will soon memorise the names of all your pupils. But make time to chat with everyone else in your school community, from the caterers to the admin staff to the techs? Remember these professionals all have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer.

One of the best ways to grow in confidence is to never be too sure of yourself. This way you are open to new ideas. You can learn a lot from simply listening to the school around you.

4.Meet the parents

Chatting to parents will an integral part of your teaching career. Be positive, even where there may be issues. Don’t linger long on bad marks or behaviour. Focus instead on problem solving and raising expectations.

Explain their child will always be 100% your focus. By instilling greater confidence in your own teaching, you can motivate parents to offer support at home too.

5.Say it from the heart

You may find yourself stalled and unable to get a message across to the class. Often the most effective way through is simply to allow your passion to shine.

Students are inspired by infectious enthusiasm. They are motivated when a mentor is genuinely excited about their topic.

Let your love for your subject show in your voice and body language. Not only will this help lessons, it’ll make you feel so good.

6.Be a copycat to get the cream

They don’t always teach this at teacher training college but imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Yes, copying good results is perfectly okay. It helps you learn and it makes your peer feel appreciated.

Use downtime in the staff room or when socialising with colleagues to share experiences. Learn from those who have been in education longer.

7.You have a duty to yourself

It’s vital for your health and wellbeing to relax and enjoy yourself away from school. This balances life and work and is a great safety valve against potential stress.

But don’t forget you’ll be back in the classroom on Monday morning. And no-one ever wants to hear giggles as footage of your Eurovision singalong party gets shared on mobile phones.

Have fun but be good. And be sensible by staying off social media on party nights!

8.Never forget to enjoy yourself

There’s nothing quite like having a good time to create an interactive, fret-free environment. It’s in these moments of shared passion where learning really begins. Knowledge retention can be a natural side-effect of having fun in the classroom.

So be sure to start your journey in education the best way . . . by enjoying every moment.

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