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Whether or not you are an Instagram native, there is no denying that it is a brilliant source of teaching inspiration. From lesson inspiration to top tips for acing an observation, the teachers of Instagram are always there to show support, share their latest teaching resource and join in on the end of term celebrations. Here is our list of the top Instagram teachers to follow, as well as some useful tips for how to grow your following and connect with teachers across the globe.


  1. @goodmorningmsfoster – Jen is all about students and teachers and not only creates resources focused on ‘the hidden curriculum,’ a.k.a soft skills such as creativity, mindfulness and collaboration, but also mentors teachers and has recently become a new Mum.
  2. @ms_piper_nqt – Reception NQT Ms Piper shares resources, CPD and mindfulness tips for teachers in need of a boost. Trainee teachers will find lots of tips and helpful advice in this feed.
  3. @mr_minchinBlair is a vocal primary school teacher from Scotland who has already made a name for himself by regularly sharing his practice online and constantly emphasising his belief that learning should be fun and at all times responsive to pupils.
  4. @miss_hardy_ks2Sarah is an SEND/Outdoor learning specialist and recent NQT. Follow her as she embarks on her early teaching career and share in the laughter, tears and joy that inevitably come along with it.
  5. @imaginationtree – Anna is an early years teacher and a self-proclaimed OG of play blogging, as well as a Mum of four. Follow her to learn a thing or two about making and get all the latest in creative inspiration to share with your students.
  6. @autismspectrumteacher – Steph offers up an epic podcast and brilliant blog as well as specialised resources to help you meet the needs of your unique students and help them to maximise their potential.
  7. @itsmrb_primary – Follow Mr B for book recommendations, classroom set up ideas and to inject some positivity into your feed.
  8. @learningthroughplay8 – Amy shares epic activities and adventures to encourage students to learn through play. She positively believes there is no age limit on learning through play so why not join in?
  9. @displaylady – If you are ever stuck wondering what display to make for your classroom, look no further than Mrs J’s account – just be prepared to keep a hold of the green eyed monster as you scroll.
  10. @Butterflokids– This EFL teacher shares fun activities, resources and worksheets for kids. Follow for uplifting teacher inspiration and colourful desk displays.
  11. @mrmrsroberts – Follow along with these two newly-married secondary school teachers as they share their teaching vlogs, resources and top advice with us.
  12. @missb.2019 – Miss B is an NQT and positive thinker based in the Midlands. Join in her uplifting journey to becoming a fully qualified teacher and never miss an observation.


  1. @mr_lyon_4th – LGBTQ educator and 4th grade teacher based in Chicago, Mr. Lyon is a constant source of teaching inspiration.
  2. @theuniqueclassroom – Join Amy as she shares her 3rd grade teaching tales and reminds us all that embracing our uniqueness is the key to success.
  3. @lifebetweensummers – Wife, traveler, mom and 2nd grade teacher, Shannon, never fails to inspire with her latest tried and tested teaching tips and advice.
  4. @mrsrussellsroom – Follow 3rd grade teacher and curator of great ideas, Tamara, as she shares her love of blogging, teaching and the Chicago Cubs with us.
  5. @headoverheelsforteaching – Engage students and celebrate learning by following veteran teacher and mother of 3, Joanne.
  6. @mr_meighen – Follow Mitchel and be enthused to get back in the gym, up your teaching game, and jet set away on that holiday you have been dreaming of.
  7. @2art.chambers – Look no further for creative inspiration than Lauralee’s account. A veteran art teacher with more than 25 years experience, you’ll never be short of crafty art lessons again.
  8. @missbertels_– Join Olivia on her teaching journey as she celebrates all of her latest teaching struggles, successes and gives us a daily dose of realness.
  9. @_thirdgradeswag – Brighten up your day by following Fletcher’s adorable third grade class learn, laugh and occasionally even lunch.


  1. @missmuinteoir – Miss Múinteoir is from Ireland and teaches 1st class. Don’t hesitate to follow and make use of her many wonderful resources.
  2. @missgirlingsclassroom – Hannah, from Perth, Australia, shares all the sunshine, swag and stories her year 4 class has to offer.
  3. @talesfrommissd – All the way from Sydney, Australia, Miss D shares her teaching tales and tattles.
  4. @think_learn_grow – Joanne is not only an IB teacher and mathematics leader from Melbourne, but also a diversity and inclusion educator and advocate. Follow her for all the latest in international teaching.
  5. @miss.narayan – All the way from New Zealand, Arishma, shares her teaching journey and how she makes a difference.
  6. @pypteaching – Susan is an IB and international teacher who shares tons of free resources.
  7. @fabdi_2 – Follow Frankie’s adventures abroad as she teaches 2nd grade in Shanghai.

Top tips:

  1. Engage, engage, engage

The Instagram algorithm likes to give back. So, if you follow, like and comment on a consistent, daily basis the algorithm will look upon you favourably and push your content higher up in your followers’ feeds.



  1. Craft a concise and direct bio

People take less than five seconds to make the decision about whether to follow you or not. So, make sure your bio is clear, concise and relays directly who you are and what your account is about.



  1. Choose a perfect profile pic

Make sure to choose a clear profile picture that is easily recognisable when viewed on your profile. Use bold colours, defined shapes, and ideally, use a head shot or an easily readable logo for the most impact.



  1. Create great content

Post content you would like to engage with. Take a look around and see what content you enjoy engaging with. Ask yourself why you like it and think about what content you could generate that is similar or fills in any missing gaps. Then use tools like Canva to design a visually engaging post and Later to schedule it so you never miss a beat.



  1. Post consistently

People should know when you are going to be around and when you are going to post. As mentioned above, if you post regularly and often the algorithm will look upon you favourably. The key here is to remain reliable and stay engaged.



  1. Go easy on the hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for people to find you and engage with your content but make sure you don’t overload your captions with them as this can look desperate. Instead, choose five or six hashtags that relate directly to the image you are posting.



  1. Have fun! 

Instagram is a brilliant tool and there are many productive ways to use it, including to have a laugh every now and then. Don’t forget to share your highs as well as your lows, engage with others and take a break whenever you need it.


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