5 creative ways to help students and use your digital skills outside the classroom

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Earn cash whilst helping students by becoming an online tutor

Becoming an online tutor is an obvious choice for a teacher who loves their subject. It is easy to become an online tutor now with many platforms already available online. The option of going solo and starting your own online tuition site is now easier than ever. I recommend having a look and choosing a few sites to build a profile on.

Sherpa is one of the most teacher focused. It is a site specifically for 1-1 private lessons from qualified teachers online. The main attraction to teachers is the industry’s lowest commission rates. It is a very quick sign up process and allows you to customise your profile far more than other tuition sites with options like a cover photo and a tailored biography on your profile.

Start a blog or Instagram page based around your subject and knowledge

The fastest way to use your digital skills and help students outside of the classroom is to set up an informative blog or a cool educational Instagram account. Setting up these is incredibly easy and there are countless tutorials and articles online to help you produce the best result.

When these have been set up they can even become sources of income for passionate teachers. A well managed, popular blog or an Instagram account can bring advertising requests and sponsorship deals. Blogs in particular are magnets for guest bloggers and advertorials who will pay good money to be featured on your site as your audience grows.

Create useful videos for others to use at home or in class

Break down the basics of a whole lesson or topic into a quick 5 minute video. For all the creative and tech savvy teachers out there, making YouTube videos and building a channel with a strong following is a fun option.

There are thousands of different styles out there which a teacher can base an educational YouTube video around. Online educational videos can be extremely effective and particularly useful for students when revising and catching up on classwork.  Thanks to years of practice and experience, teachers are also excellent at getting all the relevant information across in the most effective way.

Great educational videos can even end up being used by fellow teachers in lessons. Take Crash Course for example; 10 minute videos explaining a topic in great detail and a fun, exciting manner.

Get a TEFL certificate

If you are a teacher (and speak english) a TEFL certificate is an obvious choice which allows you to teach online to private clients or through an agency. It is really simple to get a certificate and the courses are accessible online from your own home. It takes on average 10-12 weeks to complete the course around your existing schedule.

Once completed you can advertise yourself online or join an agency to help young and adult learners speak your language and get paid while doing it!

Join Teacheroo and swap ideas with other teachers

Teacheroo is an exciting new app and online community of teachers. Downloading the app and joining a few groups within it allows you to connect with other teachers of your subject online to discuss hot educational topics and share resources that you find particularly useful. You can help other teachers in a similar position to you with classroom tips and online material that you find helps in your classes.

Sign up on the web here and download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

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