Teacheroo announced as #DiverseEd official social network partner

New partnership provides community hub for #DiverseEd members and event attendees

January 2021, London UK

Diverse Educator image: Be where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

As part of Teacheroo’s drive to find and amplify fresh teacher voices, the Online Teacher Community has partnered with Diverse Educators to develop a new programme to support teachers with professional development, personal branding, and increased exposure online. Teachers are invited to join the #DiverseEd community on Teacheroo and connect and share with professional colleagues in a safe, friendly environment.

As a global online community of teachers, Teacheroo understands and celebrates the value of diversity. We are proud to support Diverse Educators, who are leading the way in giving a voice to a diverse range of educators, through our partnership and by providing a dedicated platform for teachers to raise their profile and be heard. We are delighted to be a collaborative partner on the #DiverseEd series of events over the coming academic year and to be supporting this initiative alongside two other fantastic organisations: Lyfta and Carnegie School of Education, based at Leeds Beckett University.

– Teacheroo Co-Founder Daryll Middleton.

Diverse Educators is a grassroots community and series of events co-founded by Bennie Kara and Hannah Wilson.

We are excited to be partnering with Carnegie School of Education, based at Leeds Beckett University, Lyfta and Teacheroo as organisations who are committed to the work we are doing to amplify diverse voices in education. Our community reflects the intersectionality of the human identity and aims to signpost the great work happening in the sector to make it easier for educators to navigate the work the system needs to do on diversity, equity and inclusion in schools.

– Hannah Wilson, Co-founder Diverse Educators.

There are 4 #DiverseEd events planned for this year: October 17th will be the next virtual event, January 16th will be the next #DiverseEd South in Slough, April 10th will be the first event in the Midlands and will focus on Early Career Teachers, and #DiverseEd North will happen in Leeds on June 12th. 

Teachers can find out more about #DiverseEd here and join Teacheroo free here.

About Teacheroo

Teacheroo is a dedicated, friendly space for K-12 teachers everywhere to share ideas, find jobs and browse 1000s of free teacher resources.

About the other Diverse Educator partners

Carnegie School of Education based at Leeds Beckett are delighted to be a partner in this exciting new initiative. The work of DiverseED very much aligns with the work of our Research and Practice Centre’s, Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality (CRED) and the Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education and the work we undertake around Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Learning, Mental Health in Schools, Supervision and Story Makers. We look forward to collaborating with colleagues from DiverseED, Lyfta and teaglo to support diversity and inclusion across a range of education settings.

Lyfta is an award-winning learning platform which gives teachers and students access to inspiring human story-based learning experiences from around the world. The platform is made up of interactive 360° storyworlds that students can explore, unlocking rich media content, and getting the chance to ‘meet’ real people through powerful short documentary films.

At Lyfta we want to help those who value human diversity, who see the value in helping foster empathy and compassion in order to better understand difference and interconnectedness at a local and global level. The Lyfta platform provides a way for teachers to build global citizenship and vital skills and values by facilitating human encounters students might not otherwise get the chance to have.