What is Teacheroo?

Teacheroo, the Online Teacher Community, is an app for teachers, offering educators an exclusive space to connect, share ideas and browse free resources.

Teachers can enjoy a range of exciting features and tools on Teacheroo:

  • Build your professional teacher profile
  • Live stream video, post updates and share your knowledge
  • Personalised social feed full of educational news, tips and insights
  • Unlimited access to 1000s of free teacher resources
  • Search, connect and chat with local and international teachers
  • Search for trending topics or start your own
  • Join private, public or closed groups

I’m a teacher. How do I join Teacheroo?

Teacheroo is free for teachers and works on all devices.

Click here to sign up.

Where can I download the Teacheroo app?

The Teacheroo app is free and available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Teacheroo on the App Store

Teacheroo on Google Play

What type of teacher resources can I find on Teacheroo?

The free teacher resources available to Teacheroo members are quality assured and peer rated and created by educators, including:

  • Primary, Secondary and SEND
  • Teacher CPD videos and podcasts
  • Classroom, CPD and wellbeing