Top remote learning resources and tips for teachers amid coronavirus closures

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As the coronavirus continues to spread, and in the face of increased school closures internationally, what remote learning resources are available to help teachers and students cope? We’ve scoured twitter threads, wakelets, and websites to bring you a comprehensive list of the most useful remote learning resources and edtech tools around, as well as remote teaching tips and best practice from your teaching peers.

Free trials and upgrades to premium tools

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many edtech companies and organisations are offering their services and software to schools and teachers for free.

  1. Teacheroo Resources
    All Teacheroo members get unlimited access to 1000s of free teacher resources in the Teacheroo Resource hub.
  2. Google Hangouts enables remote lessons.
    Google is supporting schools facing closures with advanced Hangouts Meet capabilities for free to all G Suite customers until 1st July. With this upgrade, teachers will be able to live stream lessons or hold virtual assemblies for up to 100,000 viewers and put up to 250 students on a Hangouts Meet call simultaneously.
    More virtual classroom and remote learning tips from Google here >
    And thank you to @shaun_allison for pulling together these resources to help teachers get to grips with google classroom >
  3. Collaborate on books in real-time with Book Creator
    The Book Creator app enables users to create interactive stories, poetry books, comics and more. In an effort to keep remote classrooms engaged, the company is offering free access to premium features, giving schools and teachers the ability to collaborate on books in real-time for 90 days.
  4. Pobble
    Pobble pupil logins allow your class to access and interact with lessons independently, ideal for learning remotely or in school. They can write, improve and publish their own work and access writing focused self and peer assessment tools.
  5. Jump Start Jonny
    This website features a range of free workouts, videos and downloads to get students active. There is also the option of a 14 day free premium trial.
  6. CENTURY Tech
    This AI engine enables flexible, tailored education to students from anywhere with a good internet connection. CENTURY is now offering free support to all schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, including access to thousands of learning resources in English, Maths and Science.
    Sign up free here >
  7. Kahoot offers free distance learning tools
    To help distance learning, Kahoot! are providing schools affected by the coronavirus with free access to Kahoot! Premium for the remaining months of the academic year.
    Get Kahoot! Premium for schools free here >
  8. Nearpod
    This tool enables teachers to create interactive lessons, make them available across student devices and evaluate student responses live. They are extending access to schools affected by corona virus as well as running daily, live webinars to help teachers prepare for home-based learning.
    Click here  to find out more and get access >
  9. Flocabulary (part of Nearpod) offers self-paced hip-hop videos and activities across all K-12 subject areas. They are also offering free temporary access to schools impacted by closure.
    Get access here >

Remote learning and teaching tips and advice from teachers

Teachers everywhere are doing a fantastic job of pooling resources and knowledge to help and support other teachers.

And check these teachers on twitter out and give them a follow too:

  1. Thank you @MrsDi for this editable spreadsheet of resources from edtech companies offering free premium access.
  2. @MrBKing1988 has shared a list of free Home Learning Websites and Resources, helpfully broken down by subject, on dropbox.
  3. A wonderful thread started by @Elby_24 contains lots of tips and links to more useful websites.
  4. HomeLearningUK. A commendable, impressive collaboration effort here. Home Learning UK is a curated resource for schools, students and parents, led by educators. Thanks to @ty_goddard for leading this one.
  5. Tired of reading? Watch this video by UKEdChat for visual walkthroughs of Remote working tools for teachers and schools.
  6. Listen to this Edtech Podcast (episode #187) for tips on remote working and online learning from a whole host of teachers and educational experts.
  7. @teacherhead’s blog on ‘Setting work for a long haul shut-down’ contains some excellent advice on distance teaching.
  8. Read this useful advice on how to keep teaching when schools are closed in Learning in the time of coronavirus: planning distance schooling by @HFletcherWood

Useful advice & home learning resources

  1. Covid-19: guidance for educational settings from Publish Health England and Department for Education
  2. Discovery Education’s Viruses and Outbreaks Channel
  3. Remote teaching and learning resources from Microsoft Education
  4. Webinar recording: How to use virtual learning during emergencies. Thanks to Glen Irvin Flores (@irvspanish) for this. You can also read his eLearning Best Practices notes here >
  5. Go Noodle
    Teachers love this free website and some are recommending it as a great resource to help keep students a way to stay active during school shut down or while at home. Follow @GoNoodle on twitter for more engaging student activity ideas.
  6. Coronavirus Tech Handbook – Tools for Schools
    This is part of a brilliant collaborative document featuring tools, websites and data relating to the outbreak, created by tech for good organisation Newspeak (@nwspk). The education section is dedicated to schools and help for teachers, lecturers, heads and deans and includes links to everything from tools for alternative digital delivery, advice, classroom response systems and mental health resources. Check it out here >

More free remote learning resources

You may need to sign up for a free account to get access to these.

  1. Teacher’s Pet Home Learning Resource Packs for EYFS, KS1, and KS2
  2. Understanding Humanism – free teaching resources to support home learning
  3. BBC Bitesize revision materials for Primary, Secondary and Post-16 age groups
  4. Mathsticks maths games
  5. Oxford Owl’s free eBook library, for children aged 3 – 11.
  6. TTS free KS1 AND KS2 Learning at Home booklets

We hope you find this list helpful during what is likely to be a challenging time ahead. Please leave a comment and share any other remote learning resources that you think should be added to the list.

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