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During the Covid-19 outbreak, schools may be closed and teachers working on rotation or remotely but CPD can, and should, continue to feature in your working week.  Thankfully, while many of us are staying home and practicing social distancing, there are a variety of ways to learn new skills, keep up to date, and stay motivated from the comfort of your living room.

The legend that is Neil Almond (@Mr_AlmondED) has compiled this list of online teacher CPD resources, many of them free, that you can access at home. Take a look below.

Tom Sherrington – Rosenshine Masterclass

Bernie and Craig Barton: Manipulatives in Maths:

Bernie Westacott interview: Teaching maths with visuals and manipulatives

AMSP(@Advanced_Maths) and MEI (@MEIMaths):

On-Demand PD (all FREE):

Live Online PD (£95 or £195 but with 100% fee subsidies for teachers in state schools):

From Seneca Learning (Certificates upon completion, free account):

Other free online learning:


Kirshner, Sweller, Clarke: PDF Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work

Daniel Willingham’s archive:

Strengthening the Student Toolbox  study strategies to Boost learning: PDF Strengthening the Student Toolbox

Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction: PDF Principles of Instruction

Putting students on a path to learning: PDF Putting Students on the Path to Learning – AFT

Cognitive Load Theory – Lots of useful reading here.


Help your child to read and write’ Sounds-Write Phonics Program (FREE)

Help your child to read and write ‘ Part 2’ Sounds-Write Phonics Program (FREE)


10 teacher CPD Podcasts

Search for these on any podcast player

  1. Mr Barton’s maths podcast
  2. Naylor’s Natter
  3. Education Bookcase
  4. The Learning Curve
  5. Education Research Reading Room
  6. The Learning Scientists
  7. Evidence Based Education
  8. Rebel Education Player
  9. Form page to practice
  10. We are in beta

Top Edu-Podcasts I’ve Listened To This Year – some links to some specific episodes from the podcasts above that have been helpful to me

Other sites

Evidence Based Education resource library – need to make a free account but it’s a treasure trove:

The Chartered College of Teaching: All teaching staff should be members – articles are available here:

ResearchEd Videos on YouTube:

Monthly highlight collections of blogs, articles and research from Twitter

PLD list from Kathryn Morgan

La Salle Ed – maths webinars on mastery and manipulatives – (Fee)

Have you any great online CPD resources or tips to share? Join Teacheroo here to share advice, ask questions or offer support to other teachers. Already a member? Login here >

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