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We are excited to announce Teacheroo is now the official sponsor of The Teachers’ Point of View podcast with TJ Juttla.

Like Teacheroo, TJ believes in the power of sharing ideas between as many educators as possible, and his The Teachers’ Point of View podcast is the perfect example of this in action.

TJ Juttla,

I believe the way that we will move education forward is learning from schools all over the world and supporting each other by sharing ideas, practice and resources. I wanted to work with Teacheroo after speaking to Daryll Middleton about his vision of where he wants to take the app and I think it is going to be the step in the right direction for us to be able to globalise education.

Tune in to The Teachers’ Point of View podcast

The podcast has already played host to a huge range of esteemed trailblazers challenging the status quo in education, including Nicholas Obie, Hannah Wilson and Thahmina Begum and there are so many exciting guests lined up to feature in future episodes.

Join Teacheroo to tune in and to follow TJ Juttla directly. Teachers will soon be able to view and listen to every episode on the Teacheroo Resources too!

Join The Teachers’ Point of View group on Teacheroo and be the first to know when new episodes are released >

Catch up on YouTube here or on Spotify here.

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