How to take part in the #MonthlyWritingChallenge

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What is the #MonthlyWritingChallenge?

The #DailyWritingChallenge ran for 100 days during lockdown, initiated by Hannah Wilson, Co-Founder of #DiverseEd. Many educators found their voice and started blogging to help process their experiences during the global pandemic, lockdown and school closures.

As schools reopened the bloggers asked to continue the writing habit but at a slower pace, so the #MonthlyWritingChallenge was born, launching in September 2020 with the theme of #Journeys.

As part of our drive to find and amplify fresh teacher voices, and in partnership with Diverse Educators, we will be featuring a selection of #MonthlyWritingChallenge blogs on Teacheroo each month.

Join the #MonthlyWritingChallenge Group on Teacheroo to discover the theme each month. Then write and publish 500 words on the theme for that month and remember to share your blog with the #MonthlyWritingChallenge hashtag on Teacheroo and with @ethical_leader, @diverseed2020 and @Teacherooapp on Twitter.

Click here to join the #MonthlyWritingChallenge Group on Teacheroo >

February’s theme was Boundaries.

We look forward to reading and featuring your reflections here on the blog and in the Teacheroo feed.

Browse a selection of #Boundaries blogs below

  1. “Our boundaries need to be healthy so that they serve us, so that they protect us.” – Hannah Wilson
  2. “The thing with boundaries is that you have to set them and display them clearly or else it falls apart.”- Annelouise Jordan
  3.  “Boundaries between work and life have definitely become blurred as we have moved to working from home.” – Clare Anne Pirie
  4.  “What if we make a conscious decision to override the boundaries set by our neural model, could we break free?” – Sal Tattersfield
  5.  “A changed focus away from work where I now have to listen to my body, has made it easier to reset my internal settings and enforce external boundaries.” – Bukky Yusuf


Join the MonthlyWritingChallenge group on Teacheroo

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