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One of the many fabulous things about being a teacher is having skills that can be a force for good almost anywhere on the planet.  The world isn’t just your oyster, it’s an entire smorgasbord! There will always be a demand for teachers with the right training and a cross-cultural outlook on life, so why not use your qualifications to travel and see parts of the world you’d not thought possible? Surveys consistently show teachers are motivated to work in exotic locations not just for the financial rewards but also to experience the joy of travel and new cultures, as highlighted in the latest report by the Council of British International Schools.

Mind your language

Industry trends show the number of English-speaking international schools is set to grow, creating new career opportunities. Don’t worry if you don’t speak another language. Most language schools desire their teachers to speak English to students at all times. One of the best known courses available for teachers with a wanderlust is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). An online tutor will steer you through the course to learn everything you need to know about teaching English for the first time.

The courses are internationally recognized meaning they’re highly sought after by employers worldwide – and every country will have something unique to offer you in terms of life experience.
China, in particular, offers excellent opportunities. With the government aiming to improve the levels of English spoken across the nation, state-run schools are offering openings as well as the private and international schools.

Choose your specialist subject

It’s not only language teachers who can enjoy global adventures. If you’re looking to follow the international school route, STEM teachers are in high demand. There are also many engaging topics that expand both physical and mental horizons. You could, for example, travel to an art school in a country such as Italy, where your own skills on the canvas could bring the best out in a new generation of budding Da Vincis. If you’re a PE teacher then anywhere with a thriving gym community, such as Dubai, will be a great place to find a gig in sports education.

Try a job for a season

Many jobs abroad are seasonal so you can experience them during your own holiday time or use the weeks as a toe-in-the-water test. Summer camp is an American institution and, if you’re newly qualified and considering where a career in teaching can take you, a season in the USA is a great way to learn about working with young people and make the most of your skills. It’s also a great way to explore the beautiful landscapes of North America while getting paid.

Think outside the box

Does the idea of the Caribbean float your boat? Then welcome aboard as a play leader! Cruise companies have invested heavily in attracting families and good quality child supervision is one of the ways to cater for a younger clientele. Private tutors can find work with a family living abroad as many planning a move to the UK employ teachers to help their children prepare for the curriculum.

Boost your CV by travelling

Teaching qualifications open doors around the world and these exotic experiences will boost your career when you’re looking for your next position in education at home. They’ll give you a mix of life skills and experience that you can bring to your classroom activities . . . and your pupils will be impressed by your intrepid travel tales.

From Vietnam to Venezuela, you’ll have access to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. The only question is where do you want your next classroom to be?

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