6 top tips when seeking a new job

6 tips for teachers seeking a new job

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Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of becoming a head teacher? Maybe you’d like to branch out into a specialist subject? You may even want to travel and teach abroad?

If the time is right for you, here are 6 top tips to consider when seeking a new job.

Look for fresh challenges

Teaching is engaging and satisfying but, after time, it can sometimes become familiar and predictable – and even a little too comfortable. This is especially true when the alternative job opportunities remain unexplored.

Personal growth is more difficult to achieve if we’re staying in the same place too long. Exploring options outside of our comfort zone, however, brings new demands and motivates creative stimulation. It also brings the excitement of broader horizons.

The best way to ensure you’re enjoying personal and professional growth is to consider positions in education that you feel will challenge you.

It’s now easier than ever to browse 1000s of jobs, find and apply for your dream role in minutes, with the help of Teacheroo Jobs, the new home of teacher jobs.

Embrace the change

It’s natural to feel hesitant about moving on. But landing a new teaching job is just like a student starting school. You don’t know everyone. You don’t know where everything is, from the stationery to the coffee mug cupboard.

You’ve no idea what the teachers or students are really going to be like. But this is all an important part of embracing change and engaging with people in an exciting new environment.

To help you transition into a new role research the school and its history. Spend some time in the local area to get a feel for the vibe of the location and people.

Build your confidence

A lack of self-confidence can be a big factor holding people back from applying for a new job in education. It’s perfectly okay to question our own abilities. But it’s not healthy to dwell on them to the point of sabotaging any chance of career progression.

If you think you’re falling short when it comes to hard and soft skills, make a list of your talents. Now compare them directly to those required for any job opportunities on Teacheroo Jobs.

You might be surprised how many you already have and that builds confidence. Where there are gaps it’s time for a little extra study.

Seek professional directions

Having trouble figuring out what to do next?

Research different roles and consider what really interests and energises you. Join Teacheroo and chat to peers who have had similar experiences and are happy to share advice. You can also build your own professional teacher profile.

Always be prepared

You may feel you’re not ready to make the leap into a new job right now. But there are ways to ensure you’re at the front of the line when a fantastic opening does appear. So get your CV up to date.

Add all of your recent work, either paid or voluntary. Skills in other sectors will only add to your attractiveness for a new position in teaching. And don’t be shy about asking for testimonials from former head teachers and colleagues.

Remember to bullet point your unique selling points. These are the particular talents or career experiences that make you the stand-out candidate.

Not sure how or where to start? Get a FREE CV review on Teacheroo Jobs >

Brush up on your skills

It’s easy to fine tune and enhance your skillset via online courses and seminars. Take yourself one step further by gaining brand new qualifications and you’re already ahead of the competition.

Remember, too, there are fantastic resources and online toolkits to help you when you’re applying for a new role.

Of course, when you are ready, the best place to find all the latest roles in education is right here on Teacheroo Jobs.

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